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Welcome to my digital home! 

Photography came to me as a happy accident. It really started when I wanted a camera to attach to a telescope, wishing to capture deep space images.

This was several years ago but is what introduced me to the endless perspectives a camera can offer, even if it's not pointed at extra-terrestrial bodies. It's amazing, to me at least, how freezing time can change the way we view a scene that might otherwise be rather ordinary and distract us, for a moment, from everything else around us. 

Coming to age within the digital revolution more or less numbed me to almost every photo that came across my screen. Gone were the days where you had to pay for each photo you took and pay for each photo to print. Phones have cameras orders of magnitude better than most handheld cameras from the past yet most photos remain in the digital ether often forgotten sometimes minutes after taken. 

I've made it a point to keep printing what I take and to take only with intent; not a hundred percent of the time, mind you, but enough to satisfy. If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to buy a cheap printer or set-up your phone such that it's easy to order prints. I guarantee you'll find happiness retaining a physical copy of rather "ordinary" images, Give it a try, it's cheaper than you think.

I'm not a "studied" photographer, but I am an international award winning photographer, which is fine by me.

Send me a message if you want to chat, about anything, really.